Sunday, March 1, 2009

Renae - this is stupid - I don't know how to edit my stupid posts - I need to put an apostrophe in on "they're"  This is why I haven't done this since Halloween.  I need to go make dinner! Stupid!
Cherise this is your Santa pic - love it!
Yes this is a normal afternoon on my street, no there not all mine!

Grandma with the CANDY!!

13 years Anniversary

Sunday, November 2, 2008


You gotta love the kleenex coming out of my suit -
couldn't hurt, might help-eh?  No, really my nose
drips during the bike, so I stuff it in there before
I ride.  I can't believe I'm smiling right before the
run.  I hurt everywhere!   

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Cruise 2008

Have you ever stopped to smell the flowers? What a dork!

We had such a great time on our cruise. Yes my hair is up. Lots of bobby pins, hairspray, and one strand of a hair extension. Pretty cool, eh?

The ultimate chocolate buffet!
Here are the nachos and fries and burgers we had any time we darn well felt like eating them. If your going to put on weight - a cruise is the only way to do it!

This is in Victoria, BC about to go whale watching - so fun. We saw a Minky whale and a bunch of dolphin, sea lions, and porpoise.

Family Time

Just hanging on the "love sac". David wishes he never had to go to work.

Spencer had a sugar baby project at school - You know the 5lb bag and they have to take care of it for only 3 days. He was so sick of it he decided to uh, shoot it. He left his baby one night when he went to scouts and I took it to him and said she was crying. Ya, he was embarassed - I laughed though. (he started out mad about the whole project because he got a girl!) Anyway this is how the project ended - sicko!

Poor thing barfed on her birthday on Daddy when he got home. Good timing Kiss!

SOOO Cute!

I should have stopped taking pictures she was done by the end of our photo session! She yelled "NO!"